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Using NGB Multiseed Low Carb Bread Mix - for Keto Burger Buns

Our bread mixis all it takes to make a super delicious and healthy home-baked loaf, any size or any shape.

We’ve also found that making burger buns with our keto bread mix makes our fresh bread set up the perfect BBQ or summer picnic. If you're craving a little twist on our bread loaf mix why not try a NGB keto burger?  No fuss or worry, making bread buns is just as easy as making our keto bread loaf, maybe even easier and the recipe remains incredibly simple. But, like with any yeasted bread, it does require you to take care of a few details to ensure the best possible outcome.


This recipe is estimated to make 6-7 medium sized bread buns.

The NGB Burger Bun Guide:

Ingredients / Tools

  • 1 Packet of our NGB Low Carb Multiseed Bread Mix
  • 215 ml Lukewarm water.
  • A spatula or fork for mixing.
  • 1 Tea towel.
  • 1 Medium mixing bowl.
  • A sheet of greaseproof baking paper.


An image of our mix in a bowl
  1. Preparation
  • Pour all the contents of our mix into a mixing bowl and mix well with a spatula or fork. Add 215 ml of lukewarm water to the mix (never add cold water) and mix the water and the mix together once more until the mixture sticks together. 


An image of kneading our bread


  • Once the mix is sticking together you can begin to knead the dough, but before that we switch on the oven to heat up for a little while we are kneading. This is known as ‘proving’. This helps the bread to rise better once it is ready for cooking. 
  • Set the oven temperature to 100°C.


An image of a ball of dough from our mix


  • For approximately six small to medium bread buns separate each piece of the dough to roughly the size of the palm of your hand and fix the dough into a round flat ball shape. 
  • Lay the dough balls on a medium tray lined with greaseproof baking paper and make sure not to put them too close together because they will rise and spread out pretty well once cooked.
An image of our bread buns on  a tray


  • Turn off the oven and lay a tea towel over the tray and place in the centre of your oven. Let the bread buns prove for half the time it takes to prove our bread loaf so they will need to prove for about 22.5 minutes. 
  • Because of the smaller surface of the bread you must let it prove and cook for at least half the time it takes to make a bread loaf to avoid over cooking or burning the bread.


2. Baking

  • Once the bread buns have risen, remove the tea towel, leave the buns in the oven and turn the oven back on at 190°C. 
  • Cook again for ‘’22 minutes ( it's half the amount of time required for a bread loaf).
  • Let the bread buns cool down and serve as desired.


An image of cooked bread buns


And here it is, airy, fresh and light on the stomach burger buns. It Tastes like a healthy snack, yet delicious, very filling and of course Low in Carbs. Grab your keto bread kits for your next summer picnic hereat No Guilt Bakes.

An image of our self made burger buns




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