Free UK Shipping available for all Bundles and for all orders over £40 (not applicable on Birthday Cakes)

Free UK Shipping available for all Bundles and for all orders over £40 (not applicable on Birthday Cakes)


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No Guilt Bakes Reviews

Here is the No Guilt Bakes Reviews Page which allows for you to see what everyone thinks about the products we sell. Some love em but its not always stars and sugar but we do take all the comments into consideration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our cakes. We make and bake everything with love. Keeping everything as keto and diabetic friendly as we can.
Based on 1814 reviews
Are they really so good?

Let me give you an answer right away, absolutely.
I have tried couple of other browny mixes but those did not worth the money at all. Definitely recommended.


This is so yummy - one of my favourites. I have tried other keto cakes from different companies and they put me off buying more. However, No Guilt Bakes are so delicious, I am glad I gave them a try. If I was being slightly critical I would love a few more chocolate chips but I understand they have a budget and they are very reasonably priced.

Chocolate Keto Birthday Cake | Gluten Free | No Added Sugar


My husband was delighted with quality and taste of cake but when it arrived despite careful packaging many of the icing swirls had fallen off and we’re stuck to packaging itself or side of cake. Really wanted it as a surprise for my husbands 70th so did eventually manage to reconstruct but as you can imagine it was a disappointment.


I ordered this cake for my fiance's birthday. He is on diet, so I was happy to find this company. The cake was very delicious, with an intense flavour. It also looked very nice from the outside. I am very satisfied, I really got what I ordered. Thank you! :)

Best keto porridge!

So pleased to find this Noatmeal porridge mix as I was missing porridge after 10 months keto. Helps me stay on track 👍


Yummy and delicious! Being type 2 diabetic it’s lovely to have these cakes and not worry about blood sugar 😃👍😋😋😋

Better than normal bakes

Tastes really good, texture is so moist and just the right sweetness. No one would know they were guilt free bakes. Just really good bakes.

Great tasting cakes

Really nice cakes. Not dry like others have been. Highly recommended

Delicious fudge

I really liked this fudge. It had a nice texture and a good caramel flavour but felt lighter than traditional fudge

Keto fudge

Amazing! On the sweet side but definitely a quick and easy addition to Keto diet. Nice to have something to nibble , pics don’t do it justice, much more in the bags than you actually think!!! Well worth the money


Honestly, I think No Guilt Bakes makes the best keto cakes. I loved this one and the ginger loaf the most.


We’ve been ordering our celebration cakes from NoGuilt Bakes since we ordered our wedding cake from them in 2022, and it’s always an outstanding experience. The Black Forest Gateau was for my husband’s birthday and it was as delicious as expected! Highly recommend all their cakes and the lovely girls who make them!

Keto birthday cake

It arrived on time. Very secure packaging which was easy to store in the fridge.
Really pleased with the cake, it was delicious and it was a joy to watch my daughter eat it knowing it was not going to spike her blood sugars.

À lovely light cake that makes it hard to only have one slice!

Absolutely gorgeous. Light yet filling with a wonderful zesty ginger hit.

A great experience!

I ordered the vanilla cake with caramel filling, for my 50th Birthday & was so excited to have a cake that was low carb/keto. It arrived on time, very well packaged & tasted lovely! (Exactly what I wanted) Also very filling, so my guests didn't need much to feel satisfied, plus more left for me to eat evey night, after my birthday until its gone! 😋😄
I was a bit sneaky and didn't tell my guests that it was sugar free, until after they had tasted it. They were all shocked to find out & several went onto the No Guilt Bakes website to check it out!
A great experience, from ordering to eating .. thankyou!

Absolutely delicious!! Very shocked

I’ve tried keto bakery products from loads of places and there’s always an aftertaste. For the first time EVER I couldn’t tell the difference between a keto cake and an actual cake. I would order this 1000 times over again. The chocolate sponge is so decadent, the jam inside tasted like actual jam made from sugar/syrups and even the cream frosting tasted like actual frosting. It was my husbands birthday and I had to actually tell him the cake was keto - we honestly couldn’t believe it

Really tasty

Really tasty cakes - full of flavour and not dry as others have been.

Loved it .. great flavor, very light spongy cake . Highly recommend,as a diabetic this has really been a treat.

Excellent quality

We loves these chocolate chips. They melt really easily in the microwave with a little coconut oil and made a great dip for strawberries

Good stuff

Of course these aren't as good as the real ones but the real ones don't help me to keep weight off, but they are very good

Fantastic variety pack and you don't feel like you are eating keto cakes.

Carrot Keto Cake Loaf
Eric Webster
Taste like the real thing

I LOVE cake and also need to keep an eye on carb consumption so this carrot cake is the perfect fit. Thanks NGB