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Keto Pancake Syrups - Our Review

We’re all pancake lovers here and we are strong believers that there’s nothing better than a generous stack of pancakes, whether that's for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Let’s be real - Is it even pancakes without the toppings? Syrups are our best friends when it comes to jazzing up our pancakes! Our keto and low-carb lifestyles cause some syrups to become friends and others foes. We’ve taken the time to list some of our tried and tested keto-friendly syrups below!

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Sweet Freedom Caramel

Net carbs: 3.2g per tablespoon

Sweeteners: None - sweetness comes from fruit and fibre.

Sweet Freedom’s caramel flavour is perfectly sweet and has a thick, dessert syrup consistency, making it the perfect syrup to add some moisture and flavour to your pancakes. Take your pick from their variety of flavours, including everything from gingerbread to caramel. Sweet Freedom’s syrups are always out and ready to use in our kitchen!

The syrup has a relatively low net-carb count as has zero added sugars, with any sweetness coming from natural fruit extracts. The syrups are also vegan-friendly and a natural source of fibre - you can’t really go wrong with this one. Drizzle guilt-free all over your pancakes and maybe even add some of their chocolate syrup for a delicious chocolate caramel treat. A little bit of cream and berries won’t hurt either! 


NKD Living Fibre Syrup

Net carbs: 3g per 100g

Sweeteners: None - sweetness comes from fruit and fibre.

As syrup lovers, we have high standards and don’t want to taste any difference between the low-carb and original options. Whilst NKD Living is fibre based, the syrup tastes more artificial than other options. Initially the syrup tastes sweet but then leaves your mouth with an almost sour, artificial flavour. There are mixed reviews on Amazon so opinions about this  NKD Living syrup may just be a matter of personal preference.

On the up side, this syrup is low in calories and definitely is keto-friendly with only 3g of net carbs per 100g.  If you want to try a honey and maple syrup alternative and don’t really mind a bit of an artificial taste, then feel free to give this syrup a go and let us know your thoughts! 


Skinny Foods Syrup

Salted Caramel & Vanilla Syrup -

Net carbs: 1.3g

Sweeteners: Sucralose

Chocolate Syrup -

Net carbs: 0g per 100g

Sweeteners: Sucralose

Making flavoured syrups to mimic chocolate or salted caramel is quite difficult, especially when these flavours typically aren’t keto friendly. The chocolate syrup tastes quite tarte and sweet, which works to add sweetness but struggles to mimic chocolate properly. The caramel has a nice vanilla-like, caramelised sweetness and slightly salty flavour. 

Both syrups are an attempt at mimicking much-loved flavours and manage to have a low net carb count. The syrups aren’t great for aclean keto diet, containing artificial flavours and preservatives. They contain the preservative sodium benzoate, which can form into benzene - acarcinogen. A study also found that sucralose can spikeblood sugar levels in people with obesity. For this reason, we recommend that you avoid consistently consuming these syrups to prevent any negative effects on health. If you’re diabetic or already have high blood sugar levels, it may be best for you to try a different low-carb syrup! If you’re in the clear, trial these syrups on your pancakes, and add a handful of berries and cream to get your taste buds excited!

Good Good Sweet Jams Strawberry

Net carbs: 4g per tablespoon

Sweeteners: Erythritol, Steviol Glycosides 

This jam has a thick consistency when stirred up - not as thick as usual jam but thick enough to be spreadable and not liquidy. It has a good amount of sweetness and tastes delicious with chunks of strawberries in every other bite! Despite the sweeteners, there is zero nasty after taste and instead leaves you with the urge to spoon on more jam!

This fruity jar of goodness is branded as keto-friendly for a reason. With no added sugars, colours and completely free from gluten and unhealthy ingredients, what more could you want from a jam? Slather onto your pancakes with some berries for a particularly fruity feast, and if you’re still a bit peckish, spread some onto yourketo-friendly toast!


Meridian Almond Butter

Net carbs: 6.5g per 100g

Sweeteners: None

You can never go wrong with some organic almond butter. This one tastes perfectly rich, nutty and smooth. Made with 100% nuts and high in vitamin E & fibre, you’ll feel ultra healthy trying this almond butter. There are no filler ingredients to be seen here, so you can indulge in your pancakes completely stress-free with this one. Just be sure to give it a good ol’ stir as naturally the oils will separate.

Considering 100g is more than half of the entire almond butter jar, you’ll only be having a small serving. That means that you’ll be having far less than 6.5g of net carbs, making it perfectly wholesome and guilt-free for a keto lifestyle. A tablespoon of this almond butter on a generous stack of pancakes is a dream come true. It’s even better when topped with some blueberries to add more sweet flavour!

Sukrin Maple Syrup

Net carbs:7g per 100g

Sweeteners: Sorbitol, Erthyritol and Steviol Glycosides

This maple syrup tastes delicious, resembling the flavour, colour and texture of classic maple syrup. Despite the lack of sugars and variety of sweeteners, the sweetness is neither overpowering nor artificial tasting. Let’s just say Sukrin knew what they were doing and did it well. We found that this maple syrup tastes best with some berries and a dollop of strawberry jam!

Considering the bottle contains 450g of syrup and 100g contains just 7g of net carbs, you’ll easily stay within your net carb goals whilst drenching your pancakes with this maple syrup! All of the sweeteners used are suitable for a keto or low carb diet, and to top it off, this syrup is even gluten free.

Get Flippin’

There you have it, our thoughts on some of the keto-friendly syrups on the market. The perfect stack of pancakes always needs some of that sweet, sweet drizzle. Which are you going to try first? Or have you found a keto syrup favourite that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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