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Living a Low Carb Lifestyle – 5 Top Tips

If you are keen to live a low carb lifestyle but find yourself struggling for inspiration, then worry no more!

Here at NGB, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and have come up with five top tips that you can use to help you stick to low carb living for good!

Each of these tips provides you with a simple way to keep on top of your eating and will help you avoid getting caught out by hidden ingredients or last-minute events that threaten your progress - check them out below:

Eat Breakfast (or at least start the day with something! Start the day with something!)

We know everyone is focusing on intermittent fasting, but as long as you stay within your macros you will stay in ketosis. This means that  it not the end of the world if you want to enjoy some low carb breakfast. It may sound like a simple move, but eating breakfast not only helps to stave off mid-morning hunger pangs but also helps you to boost your metabolism and reduce your cravings for high carb foods. Eating regularly throughout the day not only helps you to live a low carb lifestyle more successfully but will help your body to regulate itself, putting you in a better place to focus on your diet goals. 

Remember -If breakfast isn't your thing the that is fine. Instead you can opt for brunch and start the days with some tea/coffee to get your body up and moving. If you skip the cream then you will still be able to make that count to your Intermittent Fasting Goals. In one of our recent surveys a lot of people said they enjoy some our cakes with that MCT Hot Chocolate we launched. #justsaying You can of course give Taeya's favourite a good old go: Keto Pancakes using our simple and easy to make mix because they just work all day every day.

keto pancake gif


Count Your Carb Intake

Those of us that count carbs are far less likely to experience unexpected weight gain. This is because it is easy to get carried away with your meals and assume that you have stuck to your carb goals when in fact, you may have exceeded them by two or three times the amount without noticing. Rather than estimating, write down your intake as the day goes on so that you know when you have had your fill! And if you are aiming for weight loss, be sure to regularly adjust your macros and calories as these will get less as you continue to lose weight!

Swap High-Carb Choices for Low-Carb Ones

The great thing about living a low carb lifestyle these days is that there are a ton of great swaps that can reduce your carb intake without compromising on flavour or quality. It’s not a secret that here at NGB, creating amazing alternatives is our speciality and it has not only helped us to live a healthy, low carb lifestyle but also the thousands of customers we have work with too. With so many great alternatives out there, reducing your carb intake has never been easier. Consider eating cauliflower instead of rice and potatoes etc.

Look for Hidden Sugars

So many of us slip up because we forget to check for hidden sugars that may be lurking in our food! The most simple item may be hiding a high sugar count which will impact on your success and leave you craving more. Check the food label of any product you are tempted to buy so that you don’t end up eating more sugar than you should. When you are craving something sweet, opt for one of our treats instead because you can be certain that they will fit in perfectly with your low carb lifestyle.

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Plan for Every Eventuality

Most of us slip up when we fail to make adequate plans, especially if we are going out for food or if there is an event coming up that involves sharing food, drinks, and time with loved ones. The good news is that there is no need to miss out on these events, but they do require you to plan in advance so that you can stick to your low carb lifestyle without feeling that you are missing out. Plan your carb intake so that you can enjoy a bit during the event and make sure you fill your plate with low carb choices so that you feel satisfied as well as part of the festivities.  When it comes to sweet things in particular, counting can become tedious and that’s why it makes sense to stick with products like ours that have done the hard work for you so you can just enjoy.

Start Your Low Carb Lifestyle Today With NGB

If you are keen to start low carb living then take the time to make a plan and stock up on delicious food items that will satisfy all of your cravings, whenever they happen. We take our commitment to you seriously and offer a wide range of products to suit all tastes. Both Maya and I have been following low carb living for many years and can testify to the benefits that come with living this way. We are fitter, healthier and happier – plus we no longer have to deal with the sluggishness that comes with eating carbs!

In addition to our amazing food range, we also have a wealth of information that you can access whenever you need some helpful hints or information about eating your way to better health.


Are there any that you tips that help you stay on track? leave a message here!

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Louise Vine

Louise Vine

July 30, 2021

Where does non alcohol beer come in ? I like Becks Blue which has less calories and less sugar than a J2O!

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