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New Year's Resolution: Going Keto In The New Year

Say hello to 2022 and goodbye to all the habits that came with 2021! A new year means an opportunity for a fresh start. What better time to begin that diet that you had your eye on? Or maybe you were dabbling in keto but couldn’t commit 100%? We’ve been in the same shoes, finding that going keto meant ditching our favourite sweet treats that are too often packed with carbs! That’s why at No Guilt Bakes, we offer treats that are low-carb and perfect to keep you happy and on track with keto.  

Convenient Guilt-free Treats

Who likes diets that are extremely restrictive? Definitely not us. The main struggle of sticking to a diet is cutting out a large amount of our favourite foods. For the same reason, it’s easy to feel too intimidated to even try starting a diet. When it comes to the low-carb and keto diets, we’ve made sure that you can comfortably diet and not feel restricted at all. Just because cakes and bread tend to be packed with carbs, doesn’t mean they must be completely abandoned! 

Our treats are designed to help your keto journey become a breeze. We offer everything you thought you’d have to completely cut out of your diet. This new year you’ll be ready to take on keto full-force whilst not sacrificing any of your favourite foods! 

We’ve also made sure that our products are convenient for you, ready to take to work, or just when out and about. There’s something for everyone and we are sure that with our help, your new year resolution to stick to keto will be easier than ever! 

Want to learn more about the keto lifestyle? Read ourblog post to understand why you should give the keto diet a good go.

Dietary requirements 

Worried that you’ll have to stick to keto whilst juggling your other dietary requirements? Well many of our products are gluten free, grain free, halal and contain all natural ingredients! We proudly say no to added sugar and instead use all natural sweeteners in low quantities - so don’t worry you won’t be spiking your blood sugar levels in 2022! 


Net Carbs Made Easy!

Not sure about net carbs and how to keep track? We understand this part can be intimidating especially when stepping into the new year after one too many parties and little to no time to research how net carbs work. Well no need to fear! Net carbs are a lot simpler to wrap your head around than it seems. Head on over to our previous blog post to read our easy guide tonet carbs and how to count them!

Our sweet treats are also designed to help you keep on top of your net carb goals.  Containing as little carbs as possible, each and every one of our products can easily be slotted into your diet. Keeping track of carbs could never be easier when our packaging clearly states how many net carbs you’ll be consuming. Our Cake Bites contain less than 2g of net carbs and our Mug Cakes start from as low as 3g! So it’s time to say farewell to the stresses of 2021 and hello to an easy keto lifestyle for 2022!

Want some extra help? Read our blog about counting macros here!

Cake Bites

keto friendly cake bite treats

Convenient, yummy and keto-friendly - what else could you ask for from our sweet treats? Take yourCake Bites to work, plant one in by your bedside table for a late night snack, or just carry around with you in the day in case you get peckish! 

Enjoy your Cake Bites with a dollop of greek yogurt to really hit the spot!

With a range of flavours from lemon and coconut tochocolate salted caramel, ourCake Bitesare bound to satisfy any sweet craving you have in the new year! 

Baking Mixes

Bake your heart out with our baking mixes - with easy pre-mixed keto-friendly ingredients that you’d usually have to scout and measure out yourself, all you have to do is add wet ingredients that you already have at home! No need to go hunting for keto-friendly recipes when we’ve done the hard work for you. 


Keto-friendly Bread Mix

keto low carb bread sandwich

Thought life would be hell without bread? The easy breakfast of just toast and tea or the convenience of making sandwiches? Well, our Low Carb Multiseed Bread Mix is perfect to enter the New Year and completely forget you’ve gone full keto! Simply add water, proof, and it’s ready to bake. 

Yes it’s that easy! We also thought we’d save you hours of measuring and mixing keto-friendly alternative ingredients with the perfect Bread Mix. It even has a 4-5 weeks ambient shelf life so you can bake your loaf when you knead! If you’ve got too many plans in the new year and don’t want the loaf to go off, don’t worry you can store your fresh loaf in the freezer for up to 2 weeks or in the fridge for 5 days. 

Start your new year with a tasty serving of french toast, bread pudding or even a ketoburger! Remember to send pictures of your creations to our socials @noguiltbakes - let’s share our keto meals and inspire others to keep going!


Pancakes & Waffles

keto low carb waffles breakfast

Craving some pancakes or waffles? We’ve got you covered. OurPancake & Waffle Mixcan be used in various ways, including in wraps and for pizza waffles. Go rogue and mix savory with sweet - have the classic chicken and waffles! This new year we’re going big or going home - let’s transform every meal into a restaurant-style keto feast. 

Keto Pizza

keto low carb pizza

Thought pizza would be a no-no with the keto diet? Well typically yes, the keto diet and pizza aren’t compatible because of the commonly carb-loaded pizza base. But ourPizza Base Mix can help you create a low-carb base that’s perfect for all your favourite keto-friendly toppings! We particularly love adding mozzarella cheese for that perfectly stringy, melt-in-the-mouth bite. It’s even better with a sprinkle of garlic mushrooms! We’ve also successfully made ourselves some ketocalzones using this Pizza mix. Give it a go yourself!

All you need for this mix is water and oil. In well under an hour, your pizza should be ready to eat! Now that’s the kind of efficient, filling meals we all need to help us power through the coming year! 

With 2 months ambient shelf life, you can bake when it’s most convenient for you. Store your baked base in the fridge for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to 2 weeks. You’re all set for a good batch of time no matter how busy you get in the upcoming months. 

Mug Cakes

keto low carb mug cake

Feel like whipping up a small, warm and moist treat? Perhaps you catch yourself having a cake craving one evening or even at work. Our Mug Cakes are perfect for your impromptu cravings, available in a range of flavours from carrot cake to chocolate cake! Simply dump in your favourite mug, add some egg, butter/coconut oil and milk, and voila - your guilt-free treat is ready to microwave and devour! Let your loved ones have a bite or three if you can resist. 

New Year, New You!

So, do you feel more encouraged to commit to your keto new years resolution from January? We say that giving it a good try won’t hurt anybody, especially if you continue to treat yourself with keto treats that are just as good as your regular foods! 

What are you most looking forward to when getting stuck into the keto diet? Or maybe you’ve dabbled in keto and want to share some helpful advice for the new-comers? Comment down below and let’s share the keto spirit! 

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