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The Different Ways of Keto - Dirty, Lazy, Clean....

If you're prepared to embark on a Keto journey, gaining familiarity with the various versions and their differences will help you understand online forum and social media discussions.

To help, we have listed each type of Keto diet that you can choose from and shared a full explanation of how it works. To be clear even with some of our definitions others may have variations within the variations so this is just a fun guide. Its not the law :) 

Take a moment to read about the different types before choosing the plan that suits you best. The great news is that if you find it doesn’t work for you, you can swap to a different type until you find one that works! And to be fair you can do a bit of all of them like we do at No Guilt Bakes. Sometimes we are clean Keto-ers and sometimes we like it dirty lol, that being said I (Taeya) have recently had some questions around the naming of certain parts of keto as strict/dirty/clean because in particular calling something dirty comes with its negative connotations and you might be able to tell from our name (No Guilt Bakes) negativity around food is something we wish to avoid. We will be launching a campaign to really reduce the levels of judgement around food choices especially in the low carb and keto community that we have come accross online. Not sure what the name will be yet but would love to hear what names you can come up with for an alternative for "Dirty Keto" because that is truly becoming my least favourite way to refer to that form of staying in ketosis which to be clear is the goal :) 


Dirty Keto

Dirty Keto follows the same principles as the original Keto diet and requires you to get around 75% of your daily calories from fat. However, rather than getting the majority of your fat from non-processed foods, you can instead opt to eat more processed foods with the same results.


Because Ketosis only requires you to reduce your carbs and increase your fat intake, there is no requirement to ensure that the fats you choose are from whole foods and the body responds as well to either form. This is great news to those of us who enjoy fast food and less tracking.


However, with any highly-processed diet, there are health concerns that you need to be prepared for. One of the biggest issues Dirty Keto fans suffer with is the digestive side effects that cause you to pass wind and stool more frequently. You also need to be considerate of the fact that foods high in saturated fat may not put you in Ketosis, but they can have a damaging effect on your heart health if not eaten in moderation.

 Different types of Keto

Clean Keto

Clean Keto is a plan that focuses on you consuming organic, nutrient-dense, whole foods, rather than just eating any form of fat. This means getting ingredients that are high in quality and avoiding processed foods that are full of low-quality fats.


You can expect to eat meals that are made up of beef, chicken, seafood, eggs and low-carb vegetables. The onus of Clean Keto is either cooking ingredients from scratch or only purchasing meals from whole food restaurants.


You can also expect to never ear foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes, fruits or bread on Clean Keto as the reduction in carbohydrates is essential if you want to get the best possible results. Ultimately, Clean Keto is about helping your body to burn fat as it’s main fuel source and eating foods that have had the least processing possible.

Lazy Keto

This version of the Keto diet requires you to only track the carbs you consume and not worry about tracking protein and fat. This is good for anyone that wants the benefit of being on a Keto plan without the extensive tracking. 

Aspect Dirty Keto Clean Keto Lazy Keto
Principles Follows the basic Keto principles, aiming for 75% of daily calories from fat Focuses on consuming organic, nutrient-dense, whole foods Tracks only carb intake, disregards tracking protein and fat
Fat Sources Allows for more processed foods with fats, regardless of source Emphasizes high-quality, whole food fats such as beef, chicken, seafood, eggs N/A
Meal Composition Can include fast food and processed foods Consists of meals made from scratch or from whole food restaurants N/A
Food Restrictions No specific restrictions on food types Avoids processed foods and high-carb options like rice, pasta, potatoes, etc N/A
Health Concerns Digestive side effects possible; high saturated fat intake may impact heart health Emphasizes quality nutrition; minimizes potential health risks associated with processed foods N/A


Other Types of Keto

There is a range of other Keto diets that take the two previously mentioned and tweak them to suit specific requirements. Take a look at them below to see if any fit your needs;


High Protein Keto – aimed at anyone that wants to build muscle or who exercises a lot. This plan requires you to eat 30% protein, 65% fat and 5% carbs every day.

Check out our high protein snacks here.


Keto Cycling Plan – this is when you follow the diet in a cyclical way, aiming to stick to the original Keto plan for around five days and then having a couple of days where you eat the carbs you want (within reason).


Mediterranean Keto – this variation of the Keto plan requires you to stick to the daily percentage requirements but also expects you to focus on the quality of the fats you consume, like in the Med. For example, you can expect to eat high-quality fatty fish and olive oil.


Keto 2.0 – this is a newer version of Keto and great for anyone that struggles with the strictness of the original. In this diet, you will need to eat 50% fat, 30% protein and 20% carbs. Be prepared for the weight loss to be slightly slower on this plan.


Which Plan Should I Follow?

If you are not sure which plan to follow then do not stress! They all have great aspects and can be selected to fit in with the type of foods you enjoy so that you are less likely to fall off the wagon and out of Ketosis.


Many people follow Clean Keto for the majority of the time but then allow themselves a couple of Dirty Keto days each month, but you need to take the time to work out what suits you the best. Once you decide, make sure that you vary your diet as much as possible so that you don’t get bored and you will soon see those scales getting lower and lower!


What About Treats?

No matter what plan you follow, you are bound to crave a carb-filled treat at some point, and that’s where we have you covered! No Guilt Bakes prides itself on making low sugar and low carb treats for everyone to enjoy.


The best part of our store is that even though our food tastes like it is loaded with carbs, it really isn’t. We’ve combined our knowledge of Keto and come up with Keto bread, Keto treats and Keto cakes that will satisfy your cravings while supporting you to remain in Ketosis. Let us help you get in shape without feeling like you are missing out; buy your deliciously guilt-free, low sugar foods today!

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