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Beginning Keto: Easy Keto Meals

Welcome to the second installment of our Beginning Keto series - we have a treat for you in this edition! Finding new recipes can be a challenge when you are on a keto diet or low-carb diet plan, and even though you may love steak, it can get a bit boring after a while! Whether you want to create a nutritious meal plan or just want some meal ideas, take a look through our ideas, give them a go and let us know what you think!

Haven’t read the other parts of this keto diet series? Here is part one.

Starting out 

The keto diet can seem daunting when you realise you have to stick to a daily net carb goal! But this isn't as hard as it seems. As long as you're counting the net carbs of each meal before making them, you'll get used to understanding which meals are your most reliable options, and thinking about eating too many carbs won't be a worry anymore.

Let's get stuck into the different kinds of meals you can have on the keto diet!


When it comes to breakfast, there are a wide variety of meals that you can enjoy, and there is never any need to stick mainly to eggs (although they are delicious). 

English breakfast

Go for a keto cooked breakfast with eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and sausages - not only is it a delicious treat for the weekend but it will fill you up so that you are less likely to be tempted to break it.


Want something smaller? Try a two-egg omelette with bacon and mushrooms with your favourite hot drink. Omelettes are a great choice when you are feeling hungry and want something to fill you up.

Pancakes or waffles

As well as homemade egg-filled breakfasts, why not try theNGB Keto Pancakes and Waffles Mix? Take our tasty mix and blend it with your milk of choice and eggs or egg replacement to get a yummy keto waffle or pancake. These are a great addition to any weekend brunch or quick enough to cook on a midweek morning.


Finding new and tasty lunches is not hard to do when following the keto lifestyle! With meats, eggs and salads on the menu, you can have something different every day and never get bored! 

Egg salad

Use up any eggs that you have hanging around to create a scrummy egg salad with bacon, cheese, avocados, tomatoes and mayonnaise. Not only will it fill you up but the creamy taste and range of textures leave you more than satisfied!

Meaty feast

Not in the mood for a salad? Why not try some meatballs or kebabs that you can either eat hot from the oven or chill and take in a pot to work. Eat them on their own or wrap them up with lettuce to change the style of your meal.

Burger bowl

If you are craving a burger but want to skip the carbs, then create yourself a yummy burger bowl instead. Take the lettuce, tomato, onion and avocado that you’d typically stack between two buns and layer it in a bowl. Then cook a couple of burgers, chop them up and scatter over the top of your bowl, add some cheese and dig in!


If you are following the keto diet plan but live with others who aren’t, then it can be hard to find meals that everyone will eat. However, there are some super easy keto meals that are definite crowd-pleasers, try them out today.


If you love a fajita night, then cook some prawns, onions and peppers on a baking sheet and top them with a fajita flavour packet before cooking. When done, wrap them up with chopped salad into some low-carb tortillas and enjoy.

Chilli con carne or curry

If you want a hearty dish, then substitute your regular rice for cauliflower rice and whip up a keto-friendly curry or chilli using your favourite meat and low carb veggies. Not only will the whole family love it, but you can even enjoy the leftovers for lunch the next day. 

Sunday roast

If a traditional Sunday roast is a firm favourite in your house, then there is nothing stopping you from ketofying it! You can enjoy your favourite meats, Yorkshire puddings, meat gravy and low carb-veggies without any worries. You can even include a delicious cauliflower cheese too if you want. The only part you will need to consider is the roast potatoes but, you can enjoy one with your carb allowance if you wish. After filling up on this, you’ll probably not want anything else for the rest of the day!


For many of us, desserts are the bit we miss the most when we are working hard on a new diet plan. With NGB you don’t have to miss out anymore! We have a vast range of decadent sweet treats that you can enjoy hot or cold whenever the mood takes you.

Not sure what to buy? Try one of our selection boxes and sample a range of treats before deciding on your favourite. We know that having something lovely to look forward to can make keto or low-carb dieting much more manageable and we have you covered - order yours today!

Next Time

In our next Beginning Keto installment, we will be talk you though counting macros so you can have your keto meals with confidence. Make sure to look out for it!

Have you thought of other ideas that are easy and suitable for the keto diet? Or maybe you’ve already tried some of our suggestions? Either way, comment down below your thoughts and experiences!

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